Brave and Pixeldrain

What is Brave?

Brave is a web browser focused on privacy and speed. In some tests Brave is up to 3 times faster than Chrome and Firefox. It does this by blocking advertisements and tracking scripts before they even get a chance to load. Beside the speed improvements this also saves a lot of power and data, very useful for mobile phones.

Websites look much cleaner without all those advertisements. I don’t like putting ads on pixeldrain either, but I need the money to keep the website running. Brave tries to solve this by giving users the choice if they want to see ads. If you opt in to seeing ads from Brave you will receive notifications with promotional offers once in a while. Brave protects your privacy by putting the logic for showing relevant ads directly in the browser itself. This way your browser history never leaves your computer and the tech giants can’t follow you around the web. The earnings from these ads are distributed between the websites which you love most, a small cut goes to Brave itself for developing the browser, and some of it goes to you. That’s right, you get paid for viewing ads!

Get started with Brave

Basic attention tokens

The money that you get from viewing ads (and receiving free token grants) goes into a cryptocurrency wallet which is built right into the browser. Once you have earned some rewards you have a few options. You can choose to automatically distribute them between websites which you spend the most time on, you can tip your favourite websites by pressing the tip button in the address bar or you can convert the money to your own currency and deposit it to your bank account.

Of course I would really appreciate it if you tipped some coins to pixeldrain once in a while ;-)

Download Brave here

If you want to learn more about Brave and its goals I can recommend checking out the blog. If you want to get in touch there is also the community forum and a reddit forum.