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What is PixelDrain?

PixelDrain is a file sharing site built for speed and ease of use.
The entire website is currently being developed, hosted and managed by one person, me :). You can find contact information below.

How long will my files be stored?

Files will be removed 60 days after the last time they have been viewed (there has been some misunderstanding about this), or if the server runs out of storage space (But I won't let that happen).

Does it cost anything?

No, PixelDrain is completely free at the moment. But keep in mind that I'm currently paying all hosting costs out of my own pocket, and while I love working on PixelDrain in my free time, I would really apppreciate it if you would like to donate some money. It benefits both of us as I will get more motivated to release updates when I see that people actually like my work enough to spend money on it :).

Bitcoin donation address: 12JQWdpgKSPBeCVRjrvwJxShLwFMQZ8LLC Click here for a QR Code

Dogecoin donation address: DHaVZ4wRU39wZWfJvF1vwoymASHCpTuKkn Click here for a QR Code

There's also Paypal of course:

Get in touch

You can become a part of the Reddit community, if you don't want to post, you can send me a personal message too. And there is also a Voat community.
Or you can send me a Tweet @Fornax96.